Explore the New Canco Cash App

Initial Sign-Up and App Registration

Customers first joining the Gift & Loyalty program via the mobile app must first create their account:

  • Register by selecting Sign Up.
  • Enter First name, Last name, a valid Email address and Password (password must be a minimum of 8 characters, one uppercase letter, one lowercase, and one number).
  • An email will be sent requesting you validate the email address in use. In the email message, select Confirm Your Email.
  • Proceed to the mobile app and select Login. Enter your new sign-in credentials (email and password).

NOTE: Customers previously in possession of a physical card can also add these additional accounts to their mobile app and transfer the funds to their main mobile account. Read on to find out more!

Cards Tab

The Cards tab, also the main screen, displays the mobile account number, card balances (gift and loyalty) and transaction history.

To present the card at the time of sale, TAP on the card image. The card number will convert to display the barcode:

BARCODE – For point-of-sale systems using a barcodecompatible scanner.

    Manage Cards

    By default, the mobile app creates a digital account number upon signup:

    Customers can add physical cards to their mobile app in order to track the balance(s) digitally.

    To add a card, select the + icon at the top right.

    Enter the full Card Number printed on the reverse of the card.

    Enter the Ackroo ID / Access code (Ex. ‘12-12345’ or ‘5454’) also printed on the reverse.

    Select Add Card.

    Additional cards (and balances) can be viewed by selecting the left/right arrow.

    Transfer Balances

    As cards are added, balances can be transferred to/from any card or the (main) mobile account.

    Use the arrow button to select the card number or balance you want to manage.


    Select the menu icon (three dots) to manage funds or remove an unused card.

    Select Transfer Funds to move funds to a different card.

    (Optional) Enable the button to remove the card funds are transferred off.

    Tap the ‘To’ field to view a drop-down list of all available cards to transfer funds to. Select Transfer Funds to complete.

    Locations Tab

    Select the Locations tab will display all locations on a map tool and locate the nearest store to you.

    Touch and slide the map image to navigate to a different region. Use two fingers to pinch (zoom out) or stretch (zoom in) the map view.

    The Pin(s) indicate store locations. Tapping a pin will display the store Name, Address and Business Hours.

    Account / Profile Tab

    The Account tab allows you to manage and update your profile information and password.

    Under the Profile tab, there is option to:
    - Add Birthdate and Phone number
    - Edit First or Last Name
    - Edit Communication consent (to receive emails about your account)
    - NOTE: The original email address used for sign-up can only be changed in the online card portal, from the merchant’s website.

    Under the Change Password tab, the current password must be validated before changing. (Password must be a minimum of 8 characters, one uppercase letter, one lowercase, and one number).

    More Tab

    The More Information tab directs the customer to additional details of the program. 

    The How it Works tab explains the rules of the rewards program. 

    The Support tab redirects to send an email inquiry to the merchant for assistance. 

    The Terms and Conditions tab reviews the full rules of the program in detail.